Chinese New Year

Miyu Yusheng (魚生)
(available for takeaway)

It’s time to reunite and spend quality time with loved ones to usher into the year of the Ox together. Celebrate this Chinese New Year over great food and toss your way to a prosperous 2021.

Miyu Japanese Chinese New Year Lohei Yusheng 2021 Poster
Miyu Yusheng with a bottle of Chandon Sparkling or Chandon Rosé Sparkling at $138 to complete the Lunar New Year Celebration!

Miyu Yusheng ($88) is presented with our Japanese take like wakame, sushi ginger, kurage on the classic sweet and tangy local customary Lunar New Year dish. The superstar of any Yusheng lies of course on the seafood. At Miyu restaurant, we feature our premium Yellowtail Sashimi (Hamachi) and Scallop Sashimi (Hotate).

Love fresh sashimi? Options are available to load your Yusheng with more Yellowtail Sashimi (Hamachi), Scallop Sashimi (Hotate) or also add Tuna Sashimi (Maguro) and Abalone (Awabi) for more varieties. Miyu only uses the finest seafood, freshly flown in from Japan for guaranteed freshness.

If you’re looking to throw a Chinese New Year lunch or dinner at home with your loved ones, our Miyu Yusheng will sure impress your dinner guests and for the ultimate lohei to abundance and prosperity, At just $138, you will get a Miyu Yusheng and a bottle of Chandon Sparkling and Chandon Rosé Sparkling to complete the celebration.

Miyu Yusheng is available for takeaway from 1 February. Call or WhatsApp us at 98395232 / 82083168 to make your pre-orders with us for pick up at our restaurant.

Miyu Team wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Miyu Team will be taking a break on the 11 Feb (Thur) and 12 Feb (Fri) to spend quality time with our families and loved ones, we look forward to welcoming you with the freshest catches air-flown from Japan on the 13 Feb, Saturday.

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