What is Omakase (おまかせ)

Omakase (おまかせ) is used in Japanese restaurants when the Guest leaves it up to the Chef to serve as he desires. Directly translated from Japanese, it means “respectfully I leave it up to you to decide”. It is an expression of your trust in the sushi chef. In an omakase, the Chef will prepare a series of courses, starting with the lightest dishes such as appetisers to sashimi, seasonal items, cooked dishes that are grilled, simmered or other cooking techniques, then moving on to serve pieces of sushi, starting with more mild flavoured fish before moving to the oiler ones such as chutoro and otoro, between three to twelve pieces, before ending with a hot soup and desserts such as seasonal fruits or ice cream.

Omakase at Miyu - Seasonal Appetisers

Usually, Omakase is middle to high end dining, and Miyu at Duxton Road is one of the best Omakase restaurants in Singapore. Guests ordering Omakase expect the Chef to be creative in preparing the dishes and depending on the price point, for the food to be of high quality. The meal is equivalent to a Concerto by the Chef, presenting his best notes arranged in his best way to create a beautiful symphony to delight the Guest’s culinary senses. As ordering Omakase is a note of respect and compliment to the Chef because you are trusting in his choices, almost all of the time, the Chef will reserve the most premium fish and items in his kitchen for his Omakase. Most importantly, he will personalize your dinner. This is what happens at Miyu, one of the best Omakase in Singapore with menus priced at $138, $168 and $198.

Omakase - Sashimi

In general, a Guest can expect meal of the freshest, seasonal and premium items, thoughtfully presented as a course over an hour and a half to two hours that is sensitive, soulful, artistic, meticulous and of the highest quality using the finest ingredients in the restaurant. In a good Japanese Omakase dinner, it is often a unique dining experience that transcends all aspects of the restaurant, from the food to the ambience to the service to the personality of the Chef and the team and especially the Chef’s personal interaction with his Guests. This is the soul of an omakase.

Omakase at Miyu - Sashimi

It is what an experienced sushi connoisseur or a customer who is willing to trust the Chef will approach his dinner at a high quality restaurant when dining at the sushi bar. Guests sitting at the sushi bar seldom order off a menu. In return, the Chef will almost always go out of his way to provide you with his best effort and a most satisfying meal he can muster while bearing in mind your budget. Omakase in Japanese cuisine is generally considered the superior dining experience. Miyu is located in the Singapore dining enclave of Duxton Hill, at 74 Duxton Road, Singapore.

Omakase at Miyu - Sashimi

Omakase is almost always certainly eaten at the sushi bar, where Guests will get to interact directly with the sushi chef. Being able to observe a masterful chef at work may be a memorable experience in itself. His deftness with the knife, the meticulousness of his preparation, and his exquisite plating skills, while the Chef in return observes and paces you to make sure you are provided with attentive service and a consistent pace of food that is comfortable for you and your guests. Very often, customers become regulars or even become friends with the Chef after a few visits as the experience is very personal, and the conversations often become deeper and more meaningful than superficial and obligatory chatter. With time, the Chef also knows what are the foods you particularly enjoy and will be mindful to prepare for you your favourite items and a mix of new dishes for you to explore. Miyu serves one of the best Omakase in Singapore.

Omakase at Miyu - Broiled Fatty Tuna

Because of the premium ingredients and personal experience of a multi-course meal that is meticulously prepared, many guests fear being presented with a bill that will give them a heart-attack at the end of the dinner. This usually does not happen as restaurants usually tiers of their Omakase. At Miyu, the Omakase prices are set at $138, $168 and $198 and even the basic Omakase is already of very high quality. The middle tiers typically include additional seasonal items, while the highest menu typically include premium Wagyu beef and seafood and additional pieces of sushi of the finest cuts.

Omakase at Miyu - Wagyu Beef

Omakase is not just an enjoyable experience for the Guests but very often for the Chef as well. It gives them a chance to showcase their skills and experience and to express their creativity. He will be vested in making sure that his Guest has a wonderful dining experience eating the food he has prepared with his choices of ingredients and meticulously plated. Many Guests end up taking photos of each dish for their social media or for memory because they are so beautifully presented before eating. At Miyu, the restaurant is owned by the Executive Chef and therefore you can be sure that he will spare no effort to make sure to create the best Omakase in Singapore and for your experience to be an exquisite one to remember.

Omakase at Miyu - Uni

6 Useful tips for your first Omakase experience.

1. State your dietary restrictions upfront (no beef, no shellfish etc);
2. Eat your sushi in one mouthful;
3. Eat it with your chopsticks or better yet, with your fingers, turning the sushi as it enters your mouth so that the fish (not the rice) is on your tongue;
4. Eat it as how the Chef serves it, without additional wasabi or sauce;
5. As it is painstaking prepared for you, try to finish your food; and
6. Talk to the Chef, share a cup of sake with him, express your heartfelt thanks for the dishes you like after you finish it.

Omakase at Miyu - Sushi

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